The Oldest Writing in the World

A clay tablet with the oldest writing in the world has been shown in the Vratsa History Museum on the Day of the Slavic writing and culture.

The discovery dates 7000 years ago and was found in excavations near Gradeshnitsa village.

The attempts of scientists to decode the engraved signs on the clay tablet started half a century ago. A breakthrough was made by the new reading of the American Professor of Bulgarian origin Stefan Guide. His scientific theses are gathered in three books.

Georgi Ganetsovski – archaeologist: It is with these signs that everything begins – the beginning of writing.

Professor Guide compared the engraved signs from Gradeshnitsa to the Egyptian Hieroglyphs. This is a part of the decoded text: “O Three-One God of the land of Thrace, I vow in Truth to bring you all due offerings, O great Son of God, And only you (shall) I praise (and exalt)”.

Georgi Ganetsovski – archaeologist: A request to the gods to protect and preserve the fertility and the clan. It is very difficult to decode, because these characters are symbolic, they can mean one word or maybe a whole phrase …

A ceramic model of an ancient temple was found along with the oldest writing in the world. It is supposed that the tablet was placed in it, so scientists have called it the “Lost Ark of the Covenant”.