Transcendent Analysis

Transcendent Analysis as Practical Methodology of Transcendent Science.

Transcendent Analysis is a new (yet very ancient in origin) concept and scientific theory about the entity called Human in its multiple and complex interrelated dimensions, which with their transcending nature define all the personal and societal states and developments.

The contemporary Transcendent Analysis has evolved from and is revealed by the study and latest achievements of the sciences of Quantum-physics, Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Linguistics, Anthropology, System Analysis, Methodology and others. It represents a central core in the emerging science, The Theory About Man – a basic tenet of Transcendent Science, which comprises the next level of development of all the modern branches of science in their multidisciplinary state of cohesion.


According to the Transcendent Analytical Theory – the human being is a multi-dimensional entity in structure and existence. Human potential, therefore, is multi-dimensional. His/her present historical (biographical) dimension is only one of the possible entity states. History, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, Linguistics, System Analysis and Methodology, all study different aspects of this entity in its past and present states. In addition, Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology and Theology explore and treat parallel dimensions of this entity, which can reflect healthy (normal), pathological (abnormal), and extra-sensory (supernormal) states of existence. Under alternate historical and spiritual realities, however, the extra-sensory states of existence can become “normal”, while those considered at present as healthy (normal), may actually become “less than normal” or “abnormal”. In that sense, it is quite evident that there have been also historical realities in past ages, where pathological (abnormal) states (as we define them now), have been considered “supernormal”, due to the obvious extra-sensory events occurring in those states.

As it is well known from Quantum Physics, the result of any scientific research platform and observation experiment, depends exclusively on the Observer in that experiment and its relative position and research definition. This means that the world which is being observed by a specific Observer, is quite different from the world, which is not being observed by the same Observer, and may become even “nonexistent” (in terms of the definition for “existence”) when no Observer exists, who could conduct an observation of that world!

This simply means that the Observers and their Definitions play primary roles for the state of being of the world, “such as we know it”, and the potential for change of the same world is locked in the ability for transformation of these Observers and Definitions! This is a THEOREM of irrevocable validity and extraordinary existential proportions for each and everyone of us, simply because we are the “Observers” in the individually visible world (or rather worlds) of our own lives, whatever the depth or multi-dimensionality of that “state of being” of ours may be! Furthermore, the Observation Definitions, so vital for the resulting “state of being” of our world, are nothing else, but exactly “OUR DEFINITIONS” of this Entity of Ours, whatever the depth, width and height, or other levels of dimensionality this Entity of ours may encompass!

Transcendent Analysis as the latest Theory About Man and the Practical Methodology of Transcendent Science, defines all of these “states” and the correlated multiple parallel dimensions they represent, and tells us where we historically come from, what our present state is (from a multidimensional point of view), and where we will go (both from the chronological time-space continuum point of view, as well as in the perspective of the archetypal-cyclic – extra-sensory quantum-physics realities).As a methodology it is an effective tool for achieving the Transcending Effect, i.e. transcending beyond our present inadequacies, one-dimensional limits and inner controversies, which altogether produce the vast array of minor to severe psychological, psycho-somatic, somatic and psycho-social disorders, and thus it can help us receive healing and prosperity from within, by unlocking the “inner” multi-dimensional potential inborn and inherent in each and every human being individually, and in the human race as a whole.

The discoveries

The discoveries by Dr.Stephen Guide and the Institute of Transcendent Science


Biblia Bessica

The Holy Scripture in the Language of the prophets has been discovered

The Votive Tablet from Gradeshnitsa

has been translated


The Sacred Tablet from Karanovo

has been translated

The Ark of the Orpheic Covenant

has been discovered



Dr. Stephen Guide

Dr. Stephen Guide

The founder of the Institute of T-Science

“A journey of true discovery is always the story of finding oneself.”

Dr. Stephen Guide, MD was born in 1960 in the heart of Ancient Thrace (modern Bulgaria).
Since the end of the 1980s he lives with his family primarily in California, USA, where he works in the
field of Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, Linguistics and Ancient Languages, Philosophy and Religion.
In the 1990s he became one of the founders of the Institute of Transcendent Science and Analysis in Long Beach, California.
He has authored a series of publications in the fields of Psychiatry and Transcendent Psychoanalysis.
Lately, he has also been doing research in the area of Transcendent Thracology, which has led to his recent major discovery – that of the Decoding of the Ancient Thracian Script. The methodology of Transcendent Science and Analysis introduces new concepts, which replace the old paradigms in Thracology and Historical Science forever.
On 17.12.2013, barely 53 years old, he left this world under suspicious and unclear circumstances.

Acad. Tsvetan Guide

Director of the Institute of T-Science

Every piece of knowledge gives its bearer certain power in the field it operates. But there is One Knowledge that gives you power over your own existence… It is priceless!

Acad. Tsvetan Guide was born in 1966 in Sofia (Ancient Serdika). As a scientist-encyclopaedist and Doctor of Transcendent Psychology and Integral Тheology he is famous for his research in the fields of Culturology, Anthropology, Philosophy, Religion and Arts.
Director of Academia Orphica, Tsvetan Guide is famous with his performances and works in Orphic art, as well as other theatre and cinema reconstructions of ancient sacred customs in our folklore traditions and cultural heritage.

Acad. Tsvetan Guide