The book “The Thracian Script Decoded V” – was presented in Varna

On June 15, 2018 a meeting with the author of the fifth book of the popular series “The Thracian Script Decoded” – Acad. Tsvetan Guide – was held in the Concert Studio of Radio Varna.


Following the great interest in the book presentation in Vratsa and Stara Zagora, residents of Varna also had the opportunity to attend this cultural event. Numerous fans and people interested in the latest breakthroughs and achievements in the field of the decoding of the ancient Thracian alphabet via the Guide Method had the opportunity to meet the author personally.

They were able to ask questions, share their excitement and be informed about the new directions in which the research of the Thracology Department at the T-Science Institute (whose director is Academician Tsvetan Guide) will continue.

You can order the book “The Thracian Script decoded – V” online at

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