New Book: The Mysteries of Samothraki and the Runic Book of Secrets

On the 5th of December, 2017, Academician Tsvetan Guide unveiled his new book The Mysteries of Samothraki and the Runic Book of Secrets, a part of The Thracian Script Decoded series, as a continuation of the works of Dr. Stephen Guide and the Institute of T-Science, which have presented the latest discoveries of modern Thracology and have forever changed historical science and restored the truth about the ancient past of our ancestors.

Interdisciplinary studies, including the oldest of Celtic folklore legends and traditions, which further testify of the origins of the Gauls (Celts) – Balkan Thrace, undoubtedly prove the participation of our ancient ancestors in the genesis of the peoples of Europe.

The book reveals and broadens the understanding of our ancient Homeland as a cultural and spiritual treasury of mankind, preserving the secrets of the origin, past, present and future of the human race. The knowing of the original and authentic Divine teaching of the ancient Bogharians, of the great progenitors and patriarchs of ancient Thrace, reveals the secret of the Holy Herossi before the reader.

Through the decoding of the ideogramic hieroglyphic script of the Thracians and their later linear Boharic script, and now after reading the ancient runic signs, such as the Sitovo inscription, the Kremene inscription and many inscriptions preserved on megaliths, such as Harman Kaya, Buzovgrad and others, as well as many Neolithic and Eneolithic artifacts, the book presents authentic sources of information about the lifestyle, view of life and faith of the first humankind, which all later forms of spiritual and philosophical teachings emerge from. Special notice is given to the spiritual and cultural significance of the system of runic signs (“Fish Script”) from the island of Samothraki, as well as to its central place in the Mysteries and teachings of the Orphic school.

The book also contains new deeper analyses of passages from Biblia Bessica.

In his presentation, the author notes that the initial furious attempts at disproving the newly found facts (the publication of which by Dr. Stephen Guide, as well as by the team of the Institute of T-Science, dates back to 12 years ago) are now steering towards a new tendency of emerging imitations and misappropriation of the method of the correct reading of the testimonies of the Bogharians and the Thracians, as well as towards the profanation of the subject by enthusiastic jingos.

Academician Tsvetan Guide assured the fans of the discovery that there are many more artifacts and materials which the Institute of T-Science is studying and that it is continuing to develop this new branch of Thracology.

The author also summarized the book’s main studies and conclusions presented in it, namely:

  • Historical records and linguistic analyses, confirming the data from the Irish folklore which state that the Gaelic (Celtic) nationality originates from Ancient Thrace (“Thraco de Danan” – the Thracians from the Danube River) and the secret mysteries of the isle of Samothraki.

A new breakthrough, and step forward, has been made after the reading of the hieroglyph-ideograms of the Thracian Script – the ancient runic signs of Thrace have been read through their later equivalent in the Celtic (Gaelic) script of the druids, called “Ogam” or “Wood Script” by them. The runic script fills the graphic signs, found on ancient artifacts, megaliths and natural phenomena, with specific content (judicial formulas of the “do and don’t” kind and other action-based verb constructs of speech).

  • A transition in the use of this speech, since its initial role as magic conjuring formulas, towards a more social-oriented law which regulates the relationships between human beings in a just order, is observed. A thesis is brought forward – that namely these epistles are the prototype of the much later law of Moses, which was written namely on stone slabs by the “very finger of God”.
  • The big breakthrough in the reading of these new artifacts makes the ancient epistles’ content, which is on a high conceptual level, “readable” and understandable.

The book “The Thracian Script Decoded V” – “The Mysteries of Samothraki and the Runic Book of Secrets”

The most ancient Legislation of the patriarch Orphey, written in Ancient Runes on tables of the library of the most ancient of artifacts – the same signs in which the Law of Moses has been written and with which the lawmaker druids ruled the Celtic society, is about to dawn from the pages of the Book in your hands. You will permeate into the Mysteries of the Orphic school through the system of runic signs in the “Fish Script” from the Isle of Samothraki.

You will learn of the Secret Words of Power, from the Book of Tot, which give power over “… the sky above and the sky below, and the earth too…, to regain your true form and to see… the heavenly as they are… “. You will learn of that which is written by the Finger of God, which touch liberates, heals and ushers into the Kingdom of the immortals.

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