The ancient Thracian Biblia Bessica, which had been considered as irretrievably lost for more than 1500 years, been discovered. This breakthrough leads to priceless eternal revelations about the written and spoken Thracian language, which change the scientific paradigm about our ancient past forever.

The findings from the research published in this book unequivocally show the close relation between the ancient Thracian and the modern Bulgarian languages to the Bulgarian language and prove irrefutably that Bulgarians speak and write in modern Thracian language. A unique glossary, with more than 500 ancient-Thracian words that have remained identical or synonymous in the contemporary Bulgarian language, has also been included (for the first time in history).

All the written sources using the alphabet of the a href=””>Biblia Bessica show without any doubt that the contemporary Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet is a modernized version of the older and preceding Thracian Boharic alphabet, which means that even today the Bulgarians use the same sacred Thracian alphabet of their ancestors.

The main expert conclusion of this work is the following: THE BULGARIANS ARE THRACIAN. At different historical periods some of their numerous tribes have moved to different parts of their diaspora while others have returned to their native land here on the Balkans, where they reunified with the main autochthonous core of their people and revived their nation in order for Bulgaria to remain forever.

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