The Homeland of Origin of the Ancient Gauls (Celts) – Ancient Thrace

A press conference on the topic of The Homeland of Origin of the Ancient Gauls (Celts) – Balkan Thrace and the Isle of Samothraki, as well as on the Runic Book of Secrets, was held on the 29th of June, 2017, in the press center of BTA (the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency). Academician Tsvetan Guide, the head of the Institute of T-Science, unveiled his and his colleagues’ new discoveries and accomplishments in the field of decoding the ancient Thracian artifacts from our lands through the “Guide Method”.

The big news was that after reading the hieroglyph-ideograms of the Thracian Script, the ancient runic signs of Thrace have finally also been read by the “Guide Method” through their later equivalent in the Celtic (Gaelic) script of the druids, called by them “Ogam” or Wood Script. Through this analogous script, the epistles from the Sitovo inscription, the Kremene inscription, and many other inscriptions preserved on megaliths, such as Harman Kaya, Buzovgrad and others, have been decoded.

Historical records and linguistic analyses have been presented, confirming the data from the Irish folklore which state that the Gaelic (Celtic) nationality originates from Ancient Thrace (“Thraco de Danan” – the Thracians from the Danube River) and the secret mysteries of the isle of Samothraki.The big breakthrough in the reading of these new artifacts makes the ancient epistles’ content, which is on a high conceptual level, “readable” and understandable. As Academician Tsvetan Guide stated, the goal of this research is to give the Bulgarians the key towards spiritual growth, just as our ancestors have given this spirituality, this mechanism of life, to many peoples, including the Celts. Academician Tsvetan Guide further announced the upcoming release of the latest volume of The Thracian Script Decoded book series.

Pressconference video: