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Пресконференция за Древната Писменост по Нашите Земи декодирана по Метода Гайд Изследователската  работа на отдела по Тракология от Института по Т-Наука  върху Тракийското Писмо продължава вече значителен брой години наред и резултатите от нея бяха оповестявани и  издавани. Голяма част от резултатите на тези изследвания бяха публикувани  в книгите и трудовете на д-р Стефан Гайд от поредицата…

The discovered Bible of the Seers

Much to our surprise and joy, many different ancient manuscripts in the Boharic dialect, which contain almost in full both the New and the Old Testament, have survived until our days. This allows us to conduct a very thorough lingual analysis of this dialect; because apart from other documents (like philosophical or scientific treatises, for…

The Oldest Writing in the World has been Decoded

The oldest writing in the world has been decoded by Dr. Stephen Guide, a Bulgarian-American residing in California, said numerous media reports immediately before and after the press-conference held on March, 29, 2006 at the BTA in Sofia, Bulgaria. Find out more about the Guide Method here. This is a discovery about the dawn of…

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The Transcendent Analysis

The contemporary Transcendent Analysis has evolved from and is revealed by the study and latest achievements of the sciences of Quantum-physics, Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Linguistics, Anthropology, System Analysis, Methodology and others.

As a result the Transcendent Analysis represents a central core in an emerging science, The Theory About Man – a basic tenet of Transcendent Science.


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