How we protect your privacy (latest rev. 06.06.2017) is the official website of the Institute of transcendent science (further below “the Website”).

Your privacy is of great importance for the Institute of transcendent science (further below „T – Science”). The purpose of the present text is to raise users’ awareness how T – Science protects personal data if such data is collected, processed or otherwise used in relation to your usage of the Website. If T – Science collects, stores or otherwise uses personal data such processing happens under a strict compliance with the Bulgarian data protection act which is coherent with the EU personal data protection framework. This privacy policy refers to the Website which is maintained by T – Science (for further information please visit the “About us” section available at the first page of the Website).

By merely visiting the Website a user does not have to provide his/her personal data. In case, personal data is collected (a non-exhaustive example: for instance, if one sends an e – mail to:, T – Science strictly follows the principles for collection, use, disclosure, transfer and storage of users’ personal data, see further below:


1. Personal data collection. If you decide to send us an e-mail, T – Science could collect user’s personal data which includes but is not limited to: name, e – mail address, contact number, contact preferences etc.

For analytical purposes related to the Website’s attendance, T – Science collects the information which user’s device or web browser always transfers while connecting to the Website, including Internet Protocol address.

2. Personal data use. T – Science could use the collected personal data for: (1) sending a feedback to the user, (2) to answer a user’s request, (3) to ask a user for his/her voluntary opinion about the Website or its content.

Considering the above, T – Science could use a user’s personal data also for the following purposes: identity check, informational analysis or resolving of troubles with the system.

In addition, T – Science could use a user’s personal data obtained from him/her or delivered by his/her web browser for identification of users who represent a threat to the adequate functioning of the Website or for enhancing the Website’s service quality.

In case where a user’s personal data is used for purposes different from what is enumerated above, T – Science will put appropriate efforts to notify the user and ask for his/her consent, if required by law.

If necessary, the T – Science team could notify the users for a need to cease or start using certain services delivered by the Website.

3. Storage. T – Science stores collected personal data and related materials for a certain period of time which is no longer than a concrete matter would impose (for instance: to answer a user’s request or until a specific technical problem is resolved). Once such a need is no longer present the personal data is deleted from the archive.

4. Access to personal data. T – Science put appropriate efforts to maintain a user’s personal data as is provided by the user and relies on your cooperation for this matter. A user who is interested in checking, rectifying or remove his/her personal data could send a request to Once your message is received, the T – Science team will put appropriate efforts to provide you with a feedback in 30 days. If the T – Science team encounters certain troubles answering your request in 30 days, you will receive an explanatory notice with the reasons.

5. Sharing and disclosure of personal data. T – Science treats user’s personal data as confidential and does not share it with third parties. Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, except if:

Legal requirements. T – Science could disclose a user’s personal data, opinions or request’s content etc. if this is required by the judiciary or competent administrative authority duly authorized by law. Such a disclosure could also take place if necessary for: prevention from liability invoked by third parties including breach of a contract; for prevention of the Website’s ownership and security, of certain person or the society; in order to prevent the security and integrity of the technical equipment and the continuance of delivering services; in order to protect a person or the Website’s content from fraudulent, insulting or illegal use; in order to protect T – Science legitimate interests against third parties legal claims.

6. Personal data protection – appropriate technical and organizational measures. T – Science uses appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the obtained personal data’s confidentiality, as well as to protect it from loss, abuse and unauthorized rectification. The T – Science team regularly maintains the information security procedures and seeks to improve all the protection measures Albeit, the T – Science team put all the reasonable efforts to protect the Website, please consider that the nature of information technology does not permit for full protection. Therefore, please be careful when providing your personal data online.

7. Passive information collection: tracking technologies and cookies. During a visit of the Website a collection of information could occur through the user’s web browser which it transfers each time when connecting to an internet website. Such information could be: the type of the web browser, the type of the operational system, preferred language, websites visited before visiting the Website, date and time of the Website’s visit.

The purpose of the above processing is to create an understanding of how a user profits from the Website’s functionality as the aim is to improve the latter. The collected information is being used by the technical team maintaining the Website. T – Science uses the “cookies” technology to ensure best user experience. This includes “cookies” from third party providers such as and other social media websites.

8. Protecting children’s personal data. T – Science strives not to collect information from children under the age of 13 as far as it is possible considering the anonymity inherent for the Internet. It is strongly advisable, if children’s information is provided that to happen after a parent’s informed permission according to the law in force. The Website’s team kindly asks users under the age of 18 to obtain parent’s permission before sending personal data online. In addition, let the parents be encouraged to raise the awareness of their children for safe browsing behavior practices.

9. Links to third parties’ websites. T – Science does not bear responsibility for the level of personal data protection or the content offered by third parties’ websites. In that sense, it is advisable for the internet users always to read websites’ privacy policies and to take informed decision whether to use a respective website.

10. Future amendments. T – Science regularly updates the present privacy policy as if needed content may be added, discarded or otherwise amended. In case any amendments take place, the users will be notified through a message published on the Website. The amendment’s date could be checked on the bottom part of the present document. T – Science kindly invites you to review this privacy policy in a timely manner.